The SKI BUM'S GUIDE to the World

  1. Never leave a fellow Ski Bum behind
  2. First fall of the day buys the first round
  3. Drop something off the chairlift...buy a round
  4. Keep an eye on your fellow Ski Bums in the woods
  5. Leave your stuff back at the room or in the car...buy a round
  6. Never pay full price for a lift ticket
  7. Never buy the first round
  8. Never follow Ray
  9. Follow Ray if he says so
  10. Have fun
  11. To have bragging rights for the last run, you have to ski all day, all week
  12. If you're not having fun, you're not skiing hard enough
  13. If you had beans for dinner, you go last
  14. Don't eat the yellow snow
  15. No matter what Glenn says, he doesn't know where the hell Jake's at the Lake is!
  16. Never sleep in on a powder day
  17. If you're 15 minutes late...buy a round. Half hour late...two rounds.  An hour or more...buy dinner + 2 rounds
  18. Never believe "Eddy's Moguls" about how good a mogul run is
  19. The one who skis the most has the most fun
  20. If you pull a Hollywood...you buy a round


Calling All Skiers...

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Chester, VT 05143
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